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How To Get Service on Polar Seal Windows
Just call us. 616-454-1180 or 800-803-3505. Or email us through the above contact button.

Interior or exterior condensation is not the fault of your new windows. This condition may not have existed with your previous windows because air was leaking through them at a great enough rate to evaporate the damp air before it condensed on your cold glass.

Polar Seal uses SuperSpacer®, the best condensation fighting air spacer available.  Low'E' and Argon gas will also help to reduce the possibility of condensation.  “Sweat" can be formed when the level of humidity in your home is high enough (around 40-50%) and the outside temperature has dropped low enough (0-15 degrees F) to cause the inside glass surface temperature to hit the "dew point" for the air temperature within your house.  When that happens, the water vapor in the air condenses into the form of water on the coldest surface; glass.

To help reduce condensation turn down your humidifier, circulate the air in your home better (especially if you heat with a radiator), increase the temperature on your furnace, and leave curtains or blinds open so warmer air can circulate to the glass.

If you have hot water baseboard heating, this adds a tremendous amount of water to the air and does not circulate around the house well.  Roof and soffit vents help allow moisture to escape your home.  Gravel or "Michigan" basements allow for moisture to enter your home.  Leaky basements can increase the level of humidity in your home resulting in increased condensation on your new windows.

Vendor Warranty

Polar Seal Window Corp. stands behind our products with a Lifetime Limited Warranty and lifetime customer service.

Most manufacturers only promise to ship the parts to the dealer nearest you and it's up to you how you get those parts into your windows.  Polar Seal promises to come to your house to service your Polar Seal windows for as long as you own them.  We'll never charge for labor or materials, just a trip charge applies after 2 years; whether you need help with 1 window or all of them.

Please see your local authorized Polar Seal dealer for details.

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Consumer Warranty

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